Portrayed in a fantasy world of medieval combat that parallels her ordinary world, Kate joins an unusual suicide prevention group to figure out how to stop her secretly abusive father and reclaim her own life.

Against is a fantasy feature film supporting victims of abuse. Our mission is to use the power of storytelling to give victims of abuse the strength to come forward and find healing.


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As a young child, Kate was outspoken and energetic - always entertaining the family with her innocent imagination. Kate’s personality instantly imploded on her 6th birthday, the day she lost her mother.


Her new unspoken mission is to bring comfort to her devastated father, no matter what the cost. Now Kate fulfills her father’s void in every manner. She doesn’t understand her own emotions as she fights to balance her love for her father and her deep-rooted confusion of their physical relationship.


Her journey in this story is marked by her discovery that she is in fact a victim, a victim of someone she loves so deeply, and how she summons the strength to survive.


Kate’s Father grew up in a quiet household. He was homeschooled by his mother and hardly ever saw his father. As a result, he made sure to always be there for his own wife and daughter. His sole purpose in life is to take care of his family and provide for them. He needs them on a deep level.


After losing his wife, Kate’s Father slid into a deep dark place. He had no one to cling to - until his young daughter came to the rescue, providing him the emotional and physical intimacy he so deeply desired. His physical relationship with his daughter is not his sole motivating factor; he wants the closest possible relationship he can have with his only family.


Kate’s Father is the antagonist. He is the pinnacle metaphor of the captor. Kate’s Father is abuse.

Kate's relationship with her father is physical. It’s an abuse she’s known her entire life.


Not knowing why Kate is struggling, Kate’s high school COUNSELOR invites her to join a unique, rugged suicide prevention group. In this group, Kate’s newfound friends use their own unique experiences to train her how to fight through her emotional warfare. There’s JAKE, the long-sword-wielding group leader, ADAM, the dual-dagger-handling classmate, CASSIE, the battle-axe-armored call girl, JESSE, the wooden-staff-holding homeless man, and HOSEA, the war-hammer-wielding softie.


Portrayed in a fantasy world of medieval combat that parallels their ordinary world, the characters’ emotions come to life in a physical realm of knightly battles. One moment they’re talking, and the next moment medieval weapons are drawn.


In an effort to overcome her abuser, Kate is introduced to what the group calls “The Game:” a fantastical medieval training game that takes her counseling to the next level. Week after week they train, and week after week Kate continues to be abused by her father.


As Kate grows stronger, she must summon the energy to overcome her father, or continue to endure the abuse in an effort to protect the only family member she has left.


The battle is over, but the war has just begun.  



“Film is incredibly democratic and accessible, it’s probably the best option if you actually want to change the world, not just re-decorate it.”

  - Banksy